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I've been making a conscious effort to not take on other people's emotions. It's incredibly difficult for me, and today in particular, I'm feeling it. I feel so sad for people who don't have their moms in their lives. My heart is hurting for them today.

I keep finding this poem from people on Facebook and it just resonates with me so much.

Your Mother Is Always With You

Your mother is always with you...
She's the whisper of the leaves
as you walk down the street.

She's the smell of bleach in
your freshly laundered socks.

She's the cool hand on your
brow when you're not well.

Your mother lives inside
your laughter. She's crystallized
in every tear drop...

She's the place you came from,
your first home.. She's the map you
follow with every step that you take.

She's your first love and your first heart
break....and nothing on earth can separate you.

Not time, Not space...
Not even death....
will ever separate you
from your mother....

You carry her inside of you....

- Sherry Martin